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   Ambassador’s meeting with Secretary-General of Liberal Democratic Party 
On 18 May 2015, Ambassador Mr. Alaa Al-Hashimy met Mr. Tanigaki Sadakazu, Secretary-General of Liberal Democratic Party, at the party head quarter. Mr. Ahmed Ghanim, Political Officer, attended from the Embassy.
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   Visit of New Malaysian Ambassador in Japan 
On 15 May 2015, Ambassador Mr. Alaa Al-Hashimy received at the office Mr. Ahmad Izlan Bin Idris, newly-appointed Ambassador of Malaysia in Japan, on occasion of assuming the post in Japan.
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   Official Dinner Invitation 
On 14th May 2015, the Ambassador accepted a dinner invitation of Ms. Yuriko Koike, parliamentarian of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP) and former defense minister, and attended the dinner with Ms. Koike and Japanese politicians and representative of Arab Ambassadors.
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   Meeting with Standard Chartered Bank 
On 11 May 2015, the Ambassador had a meeting at the Embassy with Mr. Yasunori Takeuchi, Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank in Japan and discussed importance of enhancing role of the Bank in Iraq.
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   The 4th Ambassador Meeting 
On 30 March 2015 at Iraqi foreign ministry, the 4th Ambassador Meeting was held under a banner “Iraqi Diplomacy, Open Positively and Defeat Terrorism” which was attended by President Dr. Fuad Masum, Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, Speaker of Parliament Dr. Salim Al-Jiboury.
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   Meeting of Ambassador with Sardar Group  
Ambassador Mr. Alaa Al-Hashimy met a delegation of Sardar Group for Cars, led by Mr. Sardar and his brothers in a lunch invitation. The company is Iraq’s agent for Toyota, Japanese company
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   The 5th High Level Political Dialogue Held 
On 23 March 2015 in Tokyo, the 5th High Level Political Dialogue between Iraq and Japan was held between foreign ministries of these countries. Iraqi side was headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Nizar al-Khairallah
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   Visit of Iraqi Minister of Municipalities and Public Work to Japan 
On 16-20 March 2015, Iraqi delegation of Iraqi Ministry of Municipalities and Public Work visits Japan, which is led by Mr. Yunis Abulkarim Iilan, Minister of Municipalities and Public Work.
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