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   Lecture for natural disasters in Japan 
A lecture for natural disasters in Japan was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq on 19th May 2016 in coordination with one of the Japanese official institutions for the security of diplomatic missions.
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   Attended The Tea Party at the residence of Japanese Prime Minister 
The Tea Party held by wife of Japanese Prime Minister Ms. Aki Abe on 21st April 2016 in honor of women ambassadors and wives of heads of missions and diplomatic missions accredited in Japan. Mrs. Soad the wife of Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Tokyo attended to this event and she represented Iraq
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   Ambassodor participates representable ceremony of Vatican 
Ambassodor Dr. Hassan al-Janabi participated in the reception hosted by Archbishop Joseph Chennoth, Ambassodor of Vatican in Tokyo on 20th April 2016 on the occasion of the third anniversary of the election of Pope Francis.
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   Ambassador met Panamanian President at the reception  
Ambassador Dr.Hassan Janabi met Panamanian President Mr. Juan Carlos Rodrigues during the reception held to him on Apr 20th 2016
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   Ambassador receives a famous architect 
Ambassador Dr. Hassan Janabi received Japanese and universal architect Mr. Sohiko Yamada and his wife on Apr 14th in 2016 at the Embassy headquarter
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   Farewell ceremony 
Ambassador Dr. Hassan al-Janabi Hosted a farewell ceremony for the Japanese employee ( member of local staff ) at the embassy, Mr. Junji Kawashima April 14 in 2016
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   Ambassador continues coordination about training a number of young Iraqis 
Ambassador Dr. Hassan Janabi met the director of the Hiroshima office of the Institute for the training and the search of the UN, Ms. Kumamoto on Apr 13 in 2016 at the embassy headquarter
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   The Arab week in Japan 
On occasion opening the Arab Week in the Japanese capital, it held reception on 04th Apr in 2016 organized by the Arab Ambassadors Council in Japan
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